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Medical Examinations

The Healthy Worker provides a variety of medical examinations to assist with maintaining best practices in hiring, retaining, and approving return to duty for previously injured or ill employees. Physically demanding jobs may require the ability to lift heavy loads or stand for long hours. Employer pre-employment and Fit-For-Duty physical exams ensure employees meet the physical requirements to safely perform their specific job duties and reduce the risk for future injury. 

It is critical to understand the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other non-discrimination statutes.

Our medical examinations include the following:

  • Employer specific physical exams
  • Commercial driver DOT exams
  • Fit-For-Duty or Return-To-Work physical exams
  • Medical Surveillance exams
  • Pre-placement physical exams 
  • Agricultural Driver Exams

Below are some of these physical exams we offer:

Commercial driver DOT exams: Many local jobs require the employee to possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Federal law mandates commercial drivers complete a DOT physical exam every two years, at a minimum, to address potential public safety issues. This exam certifies you are healthy enough to safely drive a commercial vehicle. We also provide non-CDL driver medical exams and the appropriate paperwork to help employers screen applicants and assist employees in getting ready to start their new driving jobs. 

Pre-placement physical exams: Assist employers in screening for physical or medical issues that may disqualify potential employees from a job due to risk, injury or existing impairment.

Return-To-Work and Fit-For-Duty exams: Help ensure an employee returning to work after an injury or illness can perform their job duties.