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The Healthy Worker

Serving Corporate and Individual Clients in Yakima Valley
Worker Injury Care

We provide treatment for all work-related injuries and illnesses. This includes walk-in initial treatment and Emergency Room follow-up care.

Medical Examination

We provide a number of medical examination services. This includes commercial driver DOT exams and employer physicals. Want to know if your workers are ready to resume the rigors of their jobs? We can help. Our medical staff also provides respiratory protection certification review.

Clinical Services

From hearing tests to cholinesterase blood draws and monitoring, The Healthy Worker offers numerous clinical services.  These include x-rays, lab tests, immunizations, audiograms, and more! View a complete list of our clinical services for Yakima employers and residents.

Evaluation and Training

We also provide evaluation and training on a wide variety of topics. From respiratory protection to MSDS consulting to DOT supervisor training. Do you need workplace ergonomic assessments or health and wellness evaluations? Check out our full-service offering.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

There are many reasons that you may want to test employees for drugs and alcohol. Whether it’s to prevent future problems or fulfill your company’s zero-tolerance policy, we provide professional, compassionate screening services.

Why Choose Us

Welcome to The Healthy Worker, Yakima’s premier Occupational Medicine Clinic. We provide clinical services to corporates and individuals throughout the Yakima Valley. 

Our founder, Betty Ann Cohen, M.D., M.P.H., started The Healthy Worker as a platform to deliver best-in-class services to our clients. She completed her academic program of Master of Public Health and Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency at the Harvard University School of Public Health. Dr. Cohen has practiced in the Yakima Valley since 2004 and brings unique credentials as a residency trained, board-certified Occupational Physician. She has an extensive background in the following specialties: Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Occupational Medicine.

Meet Our Providers

Dr. Betty Ann Cohen, founded The Healthy Worker. She has received specialty training in Occupation Environmental Medicine and Internal Medicine. 

Dr. Anthony Norman, has received specialized training in Occupational Environmental Medicine and Surgery.